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About Us

We are Passionate About Building Tools for your Success.

Memory Crafterz is first in a segment among the various players in the market who developed a significant methodology to enhance the memory through ancient &vedic Memory enhancing techniques. Memory Crafterz has trained almost 3000+ students who got distinction in ISCA subject and almost 5000+ students attend the seminars organized by Memory Crafterz. Most of the students got stuck in CA-Final due to low ration in ISCA, but with the help of Memory Crafterz techniques, many students got cleared their finals and became Chartered Accountants. That’s why we are different and unique & innovative.

Memory plays a vital role in the field of various segments of the education world; as most of us are facing problems like low recalling memory power, resulting which we often find ourselves Under Confident. The main reason is that we usually forget whatever we learn with the passage of time. In this connection, some of the patrons and researchers come up with a great methodology, which plays a significant role in recalling your memory in different areas of life. Today, we are having so many Professionals/Memory Enhancing Gurus who teach us various techniques to boost up our Memory.

Thus born Memory Crafterz which emphasizes on the enhancement of memory techniques that encourage every student and preparing himself/herself to achieve their goal by armed them with various scientific techniques of learning based on implementation on his own syllabus or concepts with fun.

Why Us?

  1. 100% conceptual clarity & memorization in an entertaining way by memory techniques.
  2. 13 All India Rank Holder & 980+ Exemptions.
  3. Face to face classes at Laxmi Nagar, Rohini & ITO.
  4. We also provide the Audit & ITSM & EIS-SM classes for IPCC.
  5. India’s First institute completely focus on 100% conceptual clarity with practical knowledge & memorization of Audit by memory techniques.
  6. Special attention on presentation Skills & Result oriented approach followed so that students can easily crack the exam.
  7. Daily revision of previous class.
  8. In case one miss the class, we also provide full backup for missed classes.
  9. Organizing one day revisionary class before one month of the exam.
  10. We provide Book, Question Bank, Charts.
  11. Free Two demo class.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage every student and preparing himself/herself to achieve their goal by armed them with various scientific techniques of learning based on implementation on his own syllabus or concepts with fun.

Our Vision

To provide ancient and Vedic Memory enhancement techniques to every learner in a modernized way.

Our Subjects Matter:-

  1. To make you Know your mode of learning and recalling using various techniques.
  2. Learn mind maps.
  3. How to remember long answers, Dates, Sections, Acts etc.
  4. Study techniques helping to crack exams easily.
  5. Goal Setting.
  6. Improve confidence.

Our Administrator


Head Faculty (ISCA/ITSM/EIS-SM)

CA Sunil Sethi who has done his B.Com & M.B.A. and then decided to crack the “CA” course and he has succeeded and become “CA” with his dedication and zeal towards his goal.

Now, he is into the Academics world to provide various learning techniques, based on his knowledge and experience. He is working in the area of Memory sharpness skills and techniques.

With such confidence and his continuous efforts, He converted the toughest book of CA final (ISCA) & CA-IPC (ITSM) into such manner to make it very easy to grasp its contents and implement into various segments of academics. Many of the students are getting wonderful results by applying these techniques into their academics and benefitted with wonderful results.

Under the guidance of CA Sunil Sethi’s Memory enhancing techniques till now 205+ students have attained 60+ marks in ISCA.


Head Faculty (AUDIT)

CA Sarishti Sethi is a Graduate in commerce & a fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). She cleared her CA Final in first attempt at age of 21. She did her article ship from Lodha & Co. and 1 year industrial training in JSL( Jindal Stainless Limited) and has practical experience of 4 years of Statutory Audit.

After attaining the respect of being called a CA, She choose to spread and share her knowledge to the coming young students who aspire to be CAs too. She believe that studies with fun is a great blend which makes the aspirants achieve their goals with full precision.

She has been appreciated by the students due to use of tabular presentation, simple & concise language, flowcharts & coverage of all past examination. She possess a vasts experience of teaching to students. Her unique lecture delivery and practical method of teaching helps the students to easily grasp and remember the subject.